Your child's behavior and manner of socially interacting with other people is a reflection of your parenting. There are so many mothers today that find difficulty in raising their children to be well-mannered individuals.  However, it still takes a society to raise a child.  The best that mothers can do these days is to start at home.

Moms can really make an impact on their children.  This requires quality time spent with their children, instilling values that are important to you as a mom and your spouse, being considerate of other members of your household and most of all, leading by example.  For children to learn good manners, it has to be practiced by both parents.  Mothers can express the importance of manners by initiating through action and by correcting unpleasant behavior when necessary.

While no one is born with good manners, it is important to acknowledge that is it our obligation to learn good manners as we go along in life.  The ultimate goal is to make a habit of being mature, well mannered and composed during social interactions in public and in daily living with family members in the privacy of home.

This is a challenge for every mom of every household.  Teach your child good manners today so they have better chances of making good choices for their future.

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