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We have a whole new take on how to empower children and develop them to their full potential when it comes to social interaction and interpersonal skills.  Dreams for Your Children Manners is an organization that offers etiquette training for children.  At different age levels, children should be given a chance to learn good manners, social skills and ways to act in a civilized manner in different situations.

Etiquette training at Dreams for Your Children Manners can be fun as the programs are full of interactive activities.  We provide avenues for children to learn from role-playing and workshops.

There are five sessions covered under Children's Etiquette. 


Manners for Boys and Girls 6-8 yrs. Making a Great Impression - Book This Session Anyone can be memorable.   People can have a good or unpleasant first impression of you.  Children age 6 - 8 yrs. will be taught the meaning of respect and the basic of making introductions by using proper greetings, how to address adults, handshakes, first impressions, table manners, social behavior, and telephone etiquette, party etiquette and more. Our five day, 6-hour program involves interactive activities which reinforce everyday manners through illustrations and examples and role-playing. 


Manners for Boys and Girls 9-12 yrs. Making a Great Impression - Book This Session At Dreams for children manners we maximize on opportunities for children to develop skills in making first impressions by teaching proper introductions, proper posture, the proper dress code for different functions and personal grooming. In any social interaction, respect should be present.  When confronted with a difficult situation it is important to keep your cool and respond in a mature way - regardless of age. This five day, 6-hour workshop program provides the skills and tools that can be applied in group sports, parties, play dates, and general public situations.  


Manners just for Girls 6 - 8 and 9-12 yrs.  Book This Session All growing girls will develop self-confidence and high self-esteem in this five day, 6-hour workshop. Girls will learn how to sit gracefully, be polite and respectful.  They will learn also learn many other social rules by role-playing, interactive games, art activities and much much more. Now combined with Making a Great Impression.  Offed online in the fall.

Manners just for Boys 6-8 yrs and 9 -12 yrs.  Book This Session Growing boys need to be prepared to become gentlemen.  At a young age, many children don't know the appropriate words to use to get their message across and that is why conversations can turn sour if your child is unable to choose and use words correctly.  This program includes five days, 6-hour workshops include topics on social interaction, introductions, being gracious, telephone manners and being polite and respectful to others. Now combined with Making a Great Impression. Offered online in the fall. 


Manners 101 for Boys and Girls 6-8 and 9-12 yrs.  Book This Session This is a five day 6 hours workshop which introduces boys and girls to basic etiquette skills. Their etiquette knowledge will be assessed and basic reviews will be done on how to dine, telephone manners, internet safety, introductions, magical words, handshakes, manners in public places and body basics for grooming, posture, and communication. At Dreams for Children Manners, we know that a little knowledge goes a long way. Only available during March Break



Assessment for each session To keep our participants' memories fresh, we review what they've learned during the week. This also gives them time to reinforce what they learned.


Table Manners Event for Boys and Girls 6-12 yrs. for a fee.  Book This Session We conclude our Etiquette Sessions with one of the most important and commonly experienced activities - Dining. It can be dining with peers, adults, or family members such as mom, dads, brothers, sisters and grandmas and grandpas.  Regardless of the situation, table manners should always be kept in check by parents and children themselves.  Table manners session will include how to use cutlery, passing food at the table, keeping conversations over a meal, rules for eating certain types of foods (noodles, soups, breaking bread, etc).   This special event includes a three-course meal for the dining experience.  This event is celebrated at the end of the month at a restaurant for students in the camp who wish to participate. Please inquire about time, date and place.


At Dreams For Your Children Manners, parents and their kids can get straight access to the upcoming events that they can be part of.
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