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How do you build character? You start from a young age - honing young ladies and gentlemen into well-rounded members of the community.  Training Programs and Group Activities at Dreams For Your Children Manners revolve around building character in the youth.  As adults, we believe that it is our responsibility to teach children about their social responsibility to be respectful to others and to conduct themselves in a way that exercises their integrity.

The mission of Dreams For Your Children Manners is multi-fold.  Through our programs, we aim to:

  • Teach children proper manners and right conduct in public and at home
  • Introduce a vocabulary that allows them to express themselves clearly and creatively; deterring them from the use of offensive language
  • Orient them with table manners
  • Teaching them the use of magic words such as "Please" and "Thank you"
  • Educate children with social skills with the goal to enhance leadership skills
  • Reaffirm good behavior and correct improper behavior
  • Help parents shape their kids into mature adults for the future

Share your thoughts with us.  If you have comments about our program or would like to inquire about enrolling your child at Dreams For Your Children Manners, please contact us.

At Dreams For Your Children Manners, parents and their kids can get straight access to the upcoming events that they can be part of.
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Dreams For Your Children Manners
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Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Phone Number: (416) 830-3468